How Bail Works

how bail works

We Will Guide You Through Your Bail Bond Process

Let the experienced team at Connie Holt Bail Bonds LLC help you in understanding how the whole bail bond process works. We’re available 24/7 and also offer emergency consultations – hospital, precinct, or jail visits.¬†Call us¬†today for a FREE consultation. We would be happy to discuss how bail works in El Reno, OK.

Understand the Bail Bond Process

  • You’re arrested
    • The police perform their initial procedures that include:
      • Searching for weapons or drugs
      • Reading you your Miranda Rights
      • Confiscating any property you may have on you at the time of the arrest
      • Making you sign an inventory form before you’re taken to the jail
  • Booking
    • Fingerprinting and photographing
    • You need to provide basic details, such as the date of birth and address
    • Depending on the circumstances of the crime for which you were arrested, you’ll be asked to participate in a police line-up or give your handwriting sample
    • You’re then placed in jail, presumably until your trial, which could be months down the line
  • After booking, your case will be sent to a prosecutor
    • They will decide as to whether or not to proceed with the prosecution
    • If they want to prosecute,  you’ll be arraigned
  • Contacting a bail bond agent
    • Depending on the crime, bail may be offered according to a bail schedule
      • This is after you’ve been booked without waiting for the arraignment
    • It’s better to wait for the arraignment which usually happens within 72 hours of the arrest
      • This way, a lower bail may be set at the arraignment than what has been suggested by the bail schedule
    • Get in touch with us as soon as you are offered bail, and we’ll help you in figuring out how to go about your case
    • Once you accept the bail and make arrangements for your bond with us, you’ll be released at that time
  • Arraignment
    • If you decide to wait until after your arraignment, you’ll be asked to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere or no contest, which means you are agreeing to a conviction without admitting guilt
    • At this point in time, if your bail has not been arranged already, the judge will determine the bail

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