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Connie Holt Bail Bonds: New Website Launch

In an effort to improve our SEO and user experience we’ve partnered with Bail Webmasters. Our website’s design is custom and caters directly to our users. We take pride in the information on our website and work to ensure its accuracy and helpfulness. Individuals searching for bail information are often concerned family members and it is critical that we provide them with proper context. Whether looking for bail services or information about how bail works, Connie Holt Bail Bonds is here to serve the El Reno, OK community. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our contact form. Here are some of the perks of our new website:

Improved User Experience

We’ve made it simple for visitors to contact our offices. If using a mobile device, simply click on any of the phone number buttons to be connected with our line. If you’d rather connect through email or text, visit the contact us page. In addition to ease of communication, our new website is also simple to navigate. You can read more about specific bail subjects by sorting through our main menu. It is there where you can determine what your specific inquiry is. It may relate to DUI, theft, or weapons charges. We’ve made each subject easily accessible for all visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Our goal is to reach the most possible people who need bail services. We’ve helped achieve that through SEO or search engine optimization. Our pages now target the queries that people are searching for online. We do SEO to reach people who need our help. While some websites use SEO to fool people into visiting an irrelevant page, we’ve optimized each of our pages for relevance. This means that when someone visits our website, they will be on the page they were looking for through a search engine. Our goal is to meet their intent when they searched online.

Reputation / Social Proof

Choosing a bail bondsmen can be a frightening experience. A family member may be facing serious charges and you have to be able to trust the bail process. The best way to verify the legitimacy of a bail agent is through 3rd party reviews from credible platforms. It is for this reason that we’ve created a reviews page that integrates real reviews from Google My Business. These are people who have used our services and posted a review on Google. We are not copy/pasting reviews from Google, either. We are using a plugin that pulls them directly from the Google review system.

Clean Graphics / Design

Part of user experience is how the user feels on the website. We want to make visitors feel comfortable using our services. Ease of use is a part of that. So is reputation and social proof. But our goal was for the website to look and feel good as well. To align with the rest of the website’s principles, the graphics and design are clean and professional. Our logo is displayed on the homepage along with custom images of our business. Thanks to everyone who visits.

We Hope You Enjoy Our New Website

Ultimately this website is created for you — the users. We want to make all of our information as accessible and user-friendly as possible so that you can make good decisions efficiently. We view our site as an extension of our business, and we’ve decided that users should have the best possible experience. Connie Holt Bail Bonds aims to reach people who need our services and give them help quickly. Feel free to call us at any time at 405-262-1010.